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Draw and share with friends

Pistachio is a minimalistic Sketching app for iPhone and iPad, use it to create and share drafts, mockups and sketches with your friends or team mates.

We put very special care into making sure it was comfortable to use and reduced tools to the essential to minimize distractions and get you sketching.

You can save your sketches in the gallery or share them with other apps like Dropbox, Campfire, Twitter, Facebook, Goplan, iPhoto or quickly send by email.

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News & updates

  • App updated with performance upgrades and fully compatible with iPad mini, iPhone 5 and retina iPad. Get sketching!
  • Updated with full screen mode, memory improvements for iPad and bugfix for e-mail attachements. Enjoy!
  • We're sending a new update to the app Store that includes sharing to Facebook and Goplan, new color (yellow) and a few fixes for iOS5 in iPad. You can also use photos as background from iPhoto without automatic stretching.
  • Thank you so much for the support!
    We're now in the top 10 in Produtivity in Portugal, El Salvador and St. Lucia.
  • App is now available on the iTunes Store! Special thanks to all our beta testers.
  • Website launched, Pistachio was submited to the app store. Fingers crossed!

Why Pistachio?

We needed a fast tool to get our ideas out of our heads and into digital form.

No writting, scanning, resizing and sending documents by e-mail to everyone at our team.

So we built Pistachio to focus on sketching what's important and quickly share with the tools we use everyday.

We hope you enjoy using it as we enjoyed making it,
- Think Orange team